Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guest WiFI

Guest WiFi Dialogue

As you know, the children are now able to bring in an electric device to our reading class, if they choose. Hopefully you saw the letter that explains this new policy. My fourth grade and fifth grade classes are piloting this opprtunity to see if there are advantages to this policy. Eventually the entire school and district will open this possibilty to all students. In the first week of school some of the children brought ipads, ipods and net books.They were used to set alarms, look up a word quickly, to word process, find an image (fig), research Jackie Robinson and compare answers with a partner and they explored Many children used the lap tops, as well, to do the same thing. What I noticed was a great deal of enthusiasm in the children using the wireless devices. I also noticed that the children could do the activities at a quicker pace. It takes a few minutes to get the laptops and to log into their accounts. In the end everyone was successful in completing the tasks, reguardless of the time it took. I welcome you thoughts and questions.

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