Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ways we have used the wireless devices this fall

Since the beginning of school, the students who have brought in a wireless device have found multiple ways to use them to their advantage. Here is a list of ways the childrne have used their devices:

  • word processing
  • definition quick look up 
  • author look up prior to reading a picture book about Jackie Robinson
  • inflation convertor (a babysitter was paid $.30 in 1947. What would that be in 2011?)
  • Chinese New Year Webhunt
  • A student left a packet at home and typed the answers on the ipad. She had the answers and went home to write them in the packet that night ot get caught up.
  • images of Jackie Robinson
  • Timer 
  • note taking
  • easy bib in Google Docs on device, while creating a research project on laptop form school
  • Google Docs to save an assignment that was worked on in class- the child was able to then work on it at home that night

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